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MBCI – Indian Hills Water Main REBID

Bid Tab Certified

Low Bidder:  Red Oak Construction, LLC  $419,270

Bid Date:  September 27, 2019

Bid Time: 10:00 a.m.

Bid Place: Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians at the office of the Owner, Choctaw Utilities, 258 Industrial Road, Choctaw, Mississippi 39350,

Plans & Specs: $150.00

Description: The major items of work consist of: mobilization, approximately 6,000 lf of 8″ C900 PVC Water Main, 2,000 lf of 6″ C900 PVC Water Main, 5,500 pounds of ductile fittings, 230 lf of 12″ steel casing (B&J), 200 lf of 10″ steel casing (B&J), 300 lf of 8″ carrier bores, 300 lf of 6″ carrier bores, 200 lf of 8″ HDPE Carrier Bore, 200 lf of 6″ HDPE Carrier Bore, 52 gate valve assemblies, 23 fire hydrant assemblies, connections to existing water mains, potable water pipe disinfection and testing, 90 water service assemblies, 4,500 lf of ¾” water service tubing, and other appurtenances as specified or as may be required for a satisfactory installation.

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