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Rankin County – Andrew Chapel Rd Bridge Replacement

Certified Bid Tab

Contract Awarded:  Joe McGee Construction Company, Inc.  $1,129,523.85

Bid Date:  October 26, 2018

Bid Time: 10:00 a.m.

Bid Place: Rankin County Board of Supervisors board room located at 211 East Government Street, Brandon, MS 39042

Plans & Specs: $ 150.00

Description: Removal of 230 linear feet +/- of existing culverts and the existing bridge that consist of 3@19’ precast units and steel pilings, approximately 1,900 cubic yards of unclassified excavation (f.m.), 8,000 cubic yards, of borrow excavation (l.v.m.), 4,000 cubic yards of excess excavation (l.v.m.), 1,600 tons of asphalt for the construction of two by-pass roads, temporary drainage structures necessary to detour traffic and to reconstruct the approaches for two locations on Andrew Chapel Road. Also required will be approximately 375 cubic yards of structural concrete and 73,000 lbs of reinforcing steel for the construction of a 12’ x 6’ box culvert and a 16’ x 12’ double cell box culvert and other items necessary to complete the project as detailed in the plans and specifications.


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